Legal Aspects of Business, 2e
Legal Aspects of Business, 2e
ISBN 9789395245746
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This edition of Legal Aspects of Business is thoroughly revised with respect to Company Law provisions and procedures as per the Companies Act, 2013 with necessary amendments. It covers the major laws governing business in ten parts comprising 38 chapters. This book is suitable for the students of B.Com, BBA, M.Com, MBA and allied business and professional courses.

Salient Features

• Comprises of ten parts covering Law of Contracts, Sale of Goods Act, Negotiable Instruments Act, Partnership Act, LLP Act, Company Law, Tax Laws - GST Law and Customs Law, Intellectual Property Rights and Miscellaneous provisions such as Arbitration and Conciliation, Information Technology Act, WTO, Insurance Law.

• Includes a new chapter 18A on Limited Liability Partnership.

• Incorporates Goods and Services Tax and Customs Law in capsular form. Revenue generation from various types of Indirect taxes during 2021-22 is also included.

• Provides Current Trends in Intellectual Property Rights /Copyright Act/ Rules/Regulations.

• Includes Model Question Papers and Quiz-100 to remember the key concepts of various aspects of business laws.

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