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By breaking down and simplifying concepts, Vijay Nicole Imprints helps students grasp complex concepts intuitively.

Specialising in higher education publishing, we have published over 300 titles spanning commerce, management, computer science, engineering and ELT.

Always affordable. Now, always accessible,

By embracing digital technologies across our operations, we are not just more nimble, but are also able to offer our titles more flexibly, economically and universally.

The power of partnerships

We have partnered with Newgen KnowledgeWorks to offer innovative and engaging ways of delivering content. Newgen is a world leader in publishing solutions, who since 1996 has been harnessing technology to deliver content across formats. Our association with Newgen has magnified our digital presence and enhanced our content publishing and technological capabilities.

Our print and digital titles are designed to help students grasp complex concepts so they can do well when it matters—in examinations and in life. Our other books include the following broad categories:

Functional English books designed to improve communication skills

Employability-Career oriented books that can serve as course guides for landing niche jobs, and to help students prepare for competitive examinations.