About Us

Vijay Nicole Imprints is a higher education publishing company, specialising in areas such as commerce, management, computer science, engineering and ELT. The company has published over 300 titles.


VNI has grown beyond the boundaries of a traditional publishing company to embrace digital technology in all spheres of its operations and has major tie-ups and partnerships with online retailers, and technology companies. The company offers print and digital products-

Vijay Nicole has partnered with NewGen Knowledge Works to offer innovative and engaging ways to deliver content. Since 1996, NewGen has been harnessing technlogy to deliver content in myriad formats. The association will further strengthen VNI's digital presence and offer greater content publishing and technological capabilities.


The name Vijay Nicole was conceived by the company's founder, PK Madhavan, as a win-win harmony. Vijay, his first son’s name means victory, and Nicole, which has its origin from Nicholas, also means victory.

Vijay Nicole started off as an affiliate of Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi, in 1997. The company provided services such as content acquisitions and turnkey content development, editorial, typesetting and related pre-press services and completed about 600 book projects in a span of 7 years.

In 2004, Vijay Nicole started publishing under its own brand and has published over 300 titles since.


To provide quality, student-friendly educational content with ease of access. 

VNI's mission is to facilitate the growing needs of students and learners in India and around the world, by providing high-quality educational content in both print and digital formats. VNI is dedicated towards creating a comfortable platform for learners as well as for writers who publish with us.