Essentials of Marketing
Essentials of Marketing
Subject(s): Commerce
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The book is targeted for UG students of management and commerce and emphasizes on providing a strong conceptual foundation to the subject of marketing. Some significant highlights are the treatment on introductory framework, strategic framework, product and pricing, and physical distribution and communication mix. Special topics like e-commerce, e-marketing, e-tailing, shopping malls, social media marketing, rural marketing, services marketing, green marketing, supply chain management and consumer protection and consumerism are also discussed. The book is structured with clear concepts and features including importance, differences, advantages, disadvantages, end of chapter review question, relevant examples, thematic figures and illustrations.

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1. Introduction to Marketing
Marketing Management
2. Functions of Marketing
Functions of Marketing or Scope of Marketing
Marketing Finance
Consumer Credit
Sources of Agricultural Marketing Finance in India
Marketing Risks
Covering Marketing Risks
Standardisation and Grading
3. Evolution of Modern Marketing Concept
Essential of Modern Marketing Concept
Factors Responsible for Adoption of Modern Marketing Concept
Evolution of Marketing Concept
Comparison Between Product, Marketing and Consumer Orientation
Changing Concept of Marketing
Summary of Changing Concept of Marketing
Features of Modern Marketing Concept
Benefits of Modern Marketing Concept
Importance of Marketing Concept
4. Marketing Environment
Macro Environment
5. Market Segmentation
Requisites of Segmentation
Level of Segmentation
Pattern of Market Segmentation
Factors Influencing Market Segmentation
Significance of Segmentation
Segmentation Procedure
Criteria for Segmentation
Bases of Segmentation
Technographic Segmentation
Market Targeting
Steps in Market Targeting
6. Consumer Behaviour
Significance of Consumer Behaviour
Buying Motives
Buyer Behaviour Models Theories of Buying Behaviour
Determinants of Consumer Behaviour
Organizational Buying Behaviour
Industrial Buying Behaviour
Classification of Consumers for a New Product
Decision Making Process
Post-Purchase Experience and Behaviour
Purchase Decision in the Case of Products of Low Involvement
Maslows Need Hierarch Theory
7. Marketing Research and Marketing Information System
Scope of Marketing Research
Process of Conducting Marketing Research
8. Product and Product Mix
Feature of a Product
Classification of Products and Markets
Consumer Goods
Manufactured Industrial Goods
Classification of Industrial Goods Along With Their Characteristics and Marketing Considerations
Channels of Distribution of Manufactured Industrial Goods
Classification of Goods
Product Line Analysis
Product Planning and Development
Levels of Product
Product Positioning
Product Differentiation
Components of Product Plan
9. New Product Development and Product Life Cycle and Forecasting
Categories of New Product
New Product Development
Product Life Cycle
Sales Forecasting
Definition of Sales Forecasting
Objectives of Sales Forecasting
Long Term Objectives
Methods of Forecasting
Period of Forecast
10. Product Identification Branding, Packaging, Labelling
Methods of Measuring Brand Loyalty
Approach to Brand Valuation
Brand Platform
Brand Architecture
Brand Name Decision
Branding Strategy
Brand Switching
Packaging Trends
Packaging Decisions
11. Pricing
Objectives of Pricing Decisions
Pricing Strategy
Factors Influencing Pricing Decisions
Kinds of Pricing
Methods of Pricing
Pricing Policies
New Products Pricing
Pricing Strategies
Process of Price Determination
Change in Price
Reaction to Price Change
12. Physical Distribution
Storage and Warehousing
Functions of Warehousing
Kinds of Warehouses
Warehousing in India
Documents Used
Inventory Management
13. Channels of Distribution
Classes of Wholesalers
Argument for Elimination of Wholesaler: For and Against
Itinerant Retailers
Fixed Shop Retailers
Departmental Stores
Consumer Co-Operative Stores
14. Marketing Communications
Objectives and Importance of Marketing Communication
Impact of Advances in Marketing Communication
IMC Campaigns
Communication Process
Design of Marketing Communication
Personal Communication
Non-personal Communication
Components of Marketing Communication Mix
Characteristics of Promotional Types
The Future of Marketing Communication
15. Advertisement
Objections to Advertising
Advertising Campaign
Measurement of Advertising Effectiveness
Advertising Agency
Advertisement Copy
Advertising Appeals
Advertising and Publicity
Sales Promotion
Is Advertising a Waste
16. Personal Selling and Salesmanship
Uses of Personal Selling
Impromptu Discussion
Salesforce Compensation
Reimbursement of Expenses
Supervision and Control of Sales Person
Evaluation of Salesmen
17. Salesforce Management
Sales and Sales force Management
Sales Manager
Types of Sales Force Structure
Selection of Salesforce
Training of Salesforce
Methods of Training
18. Sales Promotion, Publicity and Public Relations
Promotional Mix
Factors Influencing Promotional Mix
Causes for the Increase in the Sales Promotional Activities:
Role or Benefits and Limitations of Sales Promotion
Types of Promotional Mix
Promotional Strategy and Product Life Cycle
Publicity and Public Relations
19. Special Topics in Marketing
Consumerism and Consumer Protection
Direct Marketing (DM)
Web Marketing
Social Marketing
Green Marketing
Rural Marketing
Services Marketing
Global Marketing
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Marketing Ethics
Supply Chain Management
Logistics Management

Dr. K. Sundar is Professor, Department of Commerce, Annamalai University. He has over 25 years of UG and PG teaching experience. A prolific author, he has contributed over 100 articles in national and international journals. He has authored books on Business Communication, Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, Organisation Behaviour, Business Ethics, Business Management and Auditing.

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