Chemical Analysis in Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy
Chemical Analysis in Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy
ISBN 9788182093270
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This book inspired by the author's association with the non-ferrous mettalurgical industry for over 40 years and passion for chemical analysis. it provides ready to adopt analytical procedures covering a comprehensive number of non-ferrous metals from aluminium to zinc as well as a wide range of process chemicals used in non-ferrous metallurgical industries ranging from activated carbon to zinc dust. A significant highlight of this book is its simplified approach. Complex analytical techniques and processes have been discussed with illustrations and references to help the reader grasp the subject with.

Salient Features

• Adequate coverage of analysis on various metals , non-metals present in the raw-material, intermediate products, and wastes.

• Methods of chemical analysis based on standard procedures and tested practices.

• Provides potential area of research in the development of analytical methods or non-ferrous extractive metallurgical industries.

• Easy to navigate and provides appropriate flow sheets, block diagrams, illustrations, references on various metallurgical operations and analytical techniques.

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