Pinnacle: A skills Integrated Textbook
Pinnacle: A skills Integrated Textbook
ISBN 9789395245586
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This book caters to the needs of the UG students of arts and science (Humanities and Science) to enhance their language skills and ability to understand core subject taught in English.

Salient Features

• Contains glossary, exercises in vocabulary, grammar and usage along with examples.

• Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) tasks given at the end of each chapter.

• Grammar practice questions on every chapters.

• The book makes use of the texts to explore the use of Language Skills (LSRW) by engaging the students to read the texts as

▪ pre-task,

▪ discuss the content,

▪ listen to the speech,

▪ write the information gathered as a scaffolding activity.

• Task based questions at the end of chapter which include pair and group activity, presentations, dialogues and role plays to improve communication skills.

• Resource materials under the sections Prose, Poetry and Drama have been included.

• Computer / mobile assisted language learning that could help the learners enhance their language proficiency using online resources.

• Visual aids and sample letters to enhance letter writing skills & communication.

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