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This book Practical Auditing presents concepts in a simple fashion and is structured to help sudents understand the subject with ease. Designed as per the syllabi of all universities, it broadly covers the fundamental and advanced concepts in Auditing in 30 chapters.

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Title Page
Copyright Page
Part I
Multiple Choice Questions
A Relationship or Analogy Test
B Spotting Out the Dissimilar
C Series Completion Test
D Coding and Decoding Test
E Direction Sense Test
F Blood RelationshipTest
G Problems Based on Alphabets
H Time Sequence Test
I Mathematical Ability Test
J Situation Reaction Test
K Verification of the Truth of the Statement
L The Best Reason Test
M Arranging According to Size or Age
N Analysis of Arithmetic Operations on Artificial Values
O Venn Diagram and Set Tests
P Miscellaneous Exercise
Logical Reasoning
Divergent Thinking
Attitude Towards Children
Answers to Part I Questions
Part II
Multiple Choice Questions
A Anatomy and Health Education
B Athletics and Games
C Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine
D Kinesiology and Biomechanics
E Olympics
F Philosophy and Psychology
G Research Methods
H Sports Training
I Statistics
J Test and Measurement
Sports General Knowledge
Terms Associated with Major Sports
Cups and Trophies
Venues of Summer Olympic Games
Venues of Winter Olympic Games
Venues of Commonwealth Games
Venues of Asian Games
World Cup Football
World Cup Cricket
World Cup Hockey
Arjuna Awards
Dronacharya Awards
Padmashri Awards
Padmabhushan Awards
Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Awards
Dhyan Chand Award Winners
Tennis Championship (Mens)
Tennis Championship (Womens)
Important Terms in Physical Educatuion and Sports Sciences
Model Questions
Answers to Part II Questions
Part III
Physical Education and Sport Sciences
Unit I Physical education
Physical Education in Various Countries
Principles of Motor skill Acquisition
Psychological Basis of Physical Acitivity
General Principles of Growth and Development
Biological Basis of Physical Activity
Cultural Values of Sports
Olympic Games
Unit II Physiology of Muscular Activity, Neurotransmission, and Movement Mechanism
Physiology of Respiration
Physiology of Blood Circulation
Factors Influencing Sports Performance
Athletic Injuries—Their Management and Rehabilitation
Ergogenic Aids
Unit III Joints and their Movements—Plane and Axis Joints (Articulations)
Unit IV Learning Process
Cohesiveness in Sport
Unit V Development of Teacher Education in Physical Education
Unit VI Guidance In Health Education
Environmental and Occupational Hazards and First Aid
Principles of Recreation
School Health Program
Unit VII Principles of Sports Training
Characteristics in Sports Training
Training Load and Periodization
Top Form and Periodization
Training Methods and Specific Training Program for Development of Various Motor Qualities
Short-term and Long-term Training Plan in Training Methods
Unit VIII Preparing for Competition
Psychological Preparation
Long-term Training Process
Year plan
Nature and Scope of Research
Sampling Process and Techniques
Statistical Techniques
Measures of Centra I Tendency
Measures of variability
Hypothesis—Formulation, Types and Testing
Writing Research Report
Data Collection Tools and Technique
Unit IX Construction and Classification of Test
Testing Psychological Variables—anxiety, Aggression Team Cohesion, Motivation, Self-concept
Anthropometric Measurement and Body Composition
Concept of Management
Organizational set up of the I ndian Olympic Association
Concept of Techniques of Supervision
Education Sector
Management of Infrastructure, Equipments, Finance, and Personnel
Pupil-teacher Interaction and Relationship

R Baskaran is presently working as an Assistant Professor in RKM Vivekananda College, Mylapore, Chennai. He had previously been serving in various Corporate Sectors including Banking Sector, working in American Express Bank’s Foreign Exchange Division and Standard Chartered Bank’s Retail Banking, for nearly 21 years.

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