Microbiology Laboratory Manual
Subject(s): Sciences
ISBN 9789394681712
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The first edition of the book Microbiology Laboratory Manual aptly stands out as a practical manual to address the needs of the beginners in Microbiology, Biotechnology, and other allied life science subjects.

Title Page
Copyright Page
Chapter 1 Introduction to Laboratory Manual
Chapter 2 Basic Rules of a Microbiology Laboratory
Chapter 3 Basic Requirements of a Microbiology Laboratory
1. Common Glassware
2. Common Tools
Chapter 4 Cleaning and Disposal
1. Cleaning of Glassware
2. Preparation of Chromic Acid
3. Disposal of Laboratory Wastes and Cultures
Chapter 5 Sterilization Techniques
A. Physical Method
B. Chemical Method
Chapter 6 Transfer Techniques
1. Aseptic Technique and the Transfer of Microorganisms
2. Transfer of Inoculum from a Petriplate to a Sterile Broth Tube, Agar Slant and Agar Butt
Chapter 7 Preparation of Culture Media
1. Preparation of Nutrient Agar Plates, Slants and Butts
2. Preparation of Nutrient Broth
Chapter 8 Cultural Characteristics of Bacteria
Chapter 9 Culture Techniques
1. Streak Plate Method
2. Pour Plate Method
3. Spread Plate Method
4. Serial Dilution Agar Plate Method (or Viable Plate Count Method)
Chapter 10 Staining Techniques
1. Preparation of Bacterial Smear and Fixation of Suspension
2. Simple Staining
3. Negative Staining (or) Nigrosin Staining
4. Differential Staining: Grams Staining
5. Acid-Fast Staining
6. Endospore Staining
7. Lactophenol Cotton Blue Staining
Chapter 11 Micrometry
1. Calibration and Standardization of Microscope using Ocular Micrometer and Stage Micrometer
2. Measurement of Dimension (Size) of the Microorganism
Chapter 12 Isolation and Enumeration of Bacteria
1. Isolation and Enumeration of Bacteria From Air
2. Isolation and Enumeration of Bacteria From Water (by Serial Dilution Method)
3. Isolation and Enumeration of Bacteria From Soil
4. Isolation of Bacteria From Food
5. Isolation of Bacteria From Root Nodules
Chapter 13 Biochemical Tests
1. IMViC Test
2. Oxidase Test
3. Urease Test
4. Catalase Test
5. Coagulase Test
6. Starch Hydrolysis Test
7. Lipid Hydrolysis Test
8. Test for H2S Production or TSI Agar Test
Chapter 14 Bacterial Growth Study
Chapter 15 Motility Test
1. Methods for Non-Pathogenic Bacteria
2. Method for Pathogenic Bacteria
Chapter 16 Methylene Blue Reduction Test
Chapter 17 Microbial Assay
Antibiotic Sensitivity Test
Chapter 18 Microbial Genetics
1. Isolation of Mutant Strains
2. Effect of UV Radiation on Bacteria

"Dr. H. Abdul Jaffar Ali is currently working as Assistant Professor of Biotechnology in Islamiah College (Autonomous), Vaniyambadi 635752, India. He has been teaching both UG and PG Biotechnology students for about 17 years. He is the author of 45 scientific papers in peer reviewed International and National journals and scored cumulative IF of 21.6 to his credit. He has contributed many chapters in various books of international repute. He has guided several projects for postgraduate and M.Phil., students and guided two Ph.D. research scholars. He has authored three books, including one in Springer International Publications. He is the recipient of the Har Gobind Khorana Best Scientist Award for significant research contribution in the field of Zoology for the year 2016."

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