100 Tests in Spotting Errors
100 Tests in Spotting Errors
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Test of English is an important and compulsory part of various competitive examinations. The books in the 100 Test Series cover all the essentials of the English language. These tests help assess the language proficiency of users of English. A firm grounding in the basic rules of grammar helps in spotting errors in sentences. The errors committed by a large number of people who learn English as a second language are those that occur due to grammatical mistakes or slips in idiomatic usage. These tests help improve your English language skills.

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Type I Error in Sentence Fragments (Error in one part of the sentence)
Tests 1 to 24
Type II Error in Sentence Fragments (Error in more than one part of the sentence)
Tests 25 to 60
Type III Identify the Correct Sentence
Tests 61 to 75
Type IV Choose the Incorrect Sentence and indicate the error
Tests 76 to 90
Type V Spotting Errors in the underlined portion of the sentence
Tests 91 to 100
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