Functional English
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Designed to address the requirements of undergraduate students of English, this textbook invites the students to learn the course through a plethora of activities based learning tasks.

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Unit 1 To Act and Chat
E. God’s Perfection
L. The Salty Coffee
T. The Lost Son
Unit II To Force and Coerce
E. You are Beautiful
L. The Parable of the Pencil
T. Butterfly and its Cocoon
Unit III To Reject and Refute
E. Journey to the Triple Waterfalls
L. The Rain’s Coming
T. The Eagle who thought he was a Chicken
Unit IV To Enquire and Inquire
E. The Golden Buddha Story
L. The Motivated Little Frog
T. Midas Touch
Unit V To Depict and Describe
E. Lessons from the Eagle’s Rebirth
L. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Models for Christ and Judas
T. The Cockroach Theory for Self Development
Unit VI To Trace and Spot
E. Mountain Buck and Village Doe
L. The Little Cracked Pot
T. The Three Princes and the Princess
Unit VII To Connect and Collect
E. One Eyed Mother
L. The Emperor and the Seed
T. The Emperor’s New Clothes

Prof. A. John Jelestin is an Assistant Professor of English, Loyola College, Chennai. He worked as ELT coordinator in the Jesuit Madurai Province for a year and has continued to help in training the teachers for the past 10 years. Steered by Rev. Dr. Francis M. Peter, he was the forerunner of the successful project known as ‘Action Future Perfect’ for improving vernacular medium students’ competence in English. He has authored books namely A Goose that Lays English Eggs and Future Perfect. He has conducted a number of training programmes to school teachers in South and North India.

"Dr. D. Joseph Chandra is currently Head, Department of English, Loyola College and formerly Dean of Arts, Loyola College. He has 33 years of teaching experience at Loyola College and is also an accomplished Soft Skills trainer. He is a recognized research supervisor by the University of Madras for doctoral students in English studies. He has authored several books including Power Talk, Soft Skills for Personality Development, Classical to Contemporary Literary Theory, Applied Literary Criticism, News and Views, etc. He has also edited various journals and publications."

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