A Textbook of English Grammar and Usage
A Textbook of English Grammar and Usage
ISBN 9789394524040
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A Textbook of English Grammar and Usage has its emphasis on practical usage. It deals with conventional grammar topics such as sentences, clauses, phrases, parts of speech, nouns, pronouns, determiners, articles, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, tenses, prepositions and conjunctions. The book focuses on areas of usage that poses problems for learners of English as a Second language including articles, auxiliaries, subject-verb agreement, direct and indirect speech, conditional clauses, question tags, active and passive voice, short forms, tenses propositions and the like.

Title Page
Copyright Page
Chapter 1 Sentences, Clauses and Phrases
Chapter 2 Parts of Speech
Chapter 3 Nouns
Nouns–Countable and Uncountable
Nouns–The Plural Number
Nouns–Genitive or Possessive Forms
Chapter 4 Pronouns
Personal Pronouns
Reflective Pronouns
Demonstrative Pronouns
Interrogative Pronouns
Relative Pronouns
Distributive Pronouns
Indefinite Pronouns
Reciprocal Pronouns
Chapter 5 Determiners
Chapter 6 Articles
Indefinite Article—A/An
Definite Article—The
A/An, One/Ones
Zero Article
Chapter 7 Adjectives
Nouns Used as Adjectives
The Order of Adjectives
Chapter 8 Verbs
Main Verbs and Auxiliaries
Verbs—Transitive and Intransitive
Verbs—Finites and Non-finites
Linking Verbs
Regular and Irregular Verbs
Phrasal Verbs
Verbs Followed by an Infinitive
Split Infinitive
The Participial Construction
The Misrelated Participle
Auxiliary Verbs
Short Forms
Negative Short Forms
Formation of the Negative
Formation of the Interrogative
Formation of the Negative Question
Short Answers
Formation of the Question Tag—I
Formation of the Question Tag —II
Inversion of Subject and Verb
Chapter 9 Adverbs
Comparison—as…as, not as…as/not so…as and less
Adverbs—Positions in Sentences
Mid-position Adverbs
Chapter 10 Some Common Adjectives and Adverbs
Chapter 11 Tenses and Their Uses
The Simple Present Tense
The Present Progressive Tense
Non-progressive Verbs
The Present Perfect Tense
The Present Perfect Progressive Tense
The Simple Past Tense
The Past Progressive Tense
The Past Perfect Tense
The Simple Future Tense
The Future Progressive Tense
The Future Perfect Tense
The Future Perfect Progressive Tense
The Sequence of Tenses
Chapter 12 Concord or Agreement
Chapter 13 Conditional Sentences
Type 1: Probable Conditions
Type 2: Improbable Conditions
Type 3: Impossible Conditions
Zero Type
Chapter 14 Direct and Indirect Speech
Change of Pronouns
Change of Adverbs of Time and Place
Change of Tenses
Reporting Statements
Reporting Questions
Reporting Commands or Imperative Sentences
Reporting Exclamations
Some Problems in Reported Speech
Chapter 15 Active and Passive Voice
Chapter 16 Questions
Chapter 17 Clause Structure
Sentence Classification Based on Clause Structure
Types of Subordinate Clauses
Noun Clauses
Adjective Clauses
Defining and Non-defining Relative Clauses
Relative Adverbs
Adverb Clauses
Chapter 18 Prepositions
The Classification of Prepositions
Prepositions in Use (A to Z)
Chapter 19 Conjunctions
Chapter 20 Transformation of Sentences
Interchange of Affirmative and Negative Sentences
Exclamatory and Assertive Sentences
Statements and Questions
Active and Passive Sentences
Simple, Complex and Compound Sentences
Degrees of Comparison
One Part of Speech for Another
Chapter 21 Synthesis of Sentences

K V Joseph is a retired professor of S B College, Changanassery, Kerala. He holds a masters degree in English language and literature and bachelors degree in Political Science. His teaching experience spans three decades. A prolific writer, he has authored a number of books including College Grammar and Composition, Treasures of Modern Prose, Macmillan Grammar: A Handbook, 100 Tests in Grammar and usage, An English Companion 2/e and An English Companion: Student Edition

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