Visual Basic for Self-Learners
Subject(s): Computer Science
ISBN 9789393665577
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  Pages 270





Designed to address the requirements of undergraduate students, this book covers the syllabi of B Sc (Computer Science), BCA and B Com of all major universities.

Title Page
Copyright Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Basics of VB and IDE
History of Visual Basic
Features of Visual Basic
Types of Projects
Working Environment (IDE of VB)
Menu Bar
Tool Bar
Project Explorer
Properties Window
Form Layout Window
Tool Box
Form Designer
Object Browser
Customizing Form
Form Properties
Save Form
Form Events
Writing Simple Program (To Load Form)
Working with Controls
Creating Controls
Moving Controls
Resize Controls
Group Controls
Locking Controls
Delete Control
Name Property
Access Key
Review Questions
Chapter 2   Basic Controls and VB Programming Basics
First Level of Controls
Command Button
Label Control
Text Box
Image Control
Picture Control
Rich Text Box
Message Box
Syntax of Message Box
Comment Statements
Implicit Declaration
Explicit Declaration
Scope of Variable
Data Type
Numeric Type
Non-Numeric Data Type
Date Type
String Type (Type Character $)
Object Type
Variant Type
Display of Information
Display on Form
Display on Printer
Review Questions
Chapter 3   Operators and Loops
Arithmetic Operators
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Concatenation Operators
Decision Statements
Unconditional Statement - GoTo
Conditional Statement
Do Loop
While ….Wend loop
For …Next Loop
Determinate Loop Vs Indeterminate Loop
Review Questions
Chapter 4   Functions and Procedures
Built-in Functions
String Functions
Number Functions
Date and Time Functions
Financial Functions
User Defined Function and Procedure
Review Questions
Chapter 5   Arrays and Control Arrays
Array Declaration
Dynamic Arrays
Assigning Values to Array
Assigning One Array to Another
Index Specific Array
Array Functions
Two Dimensional Array
Properties and Methods of Collection Object
Adding an Item
Removing an Item
Returning an Item
Counting an Item
User Defined Record (User Defined Data type)
With Block and With Statement
With Block for Built-in Controls
Control Arrays
Adding Controls to Array
Removing Controls from Array
Array based Controls
List Box
Combo Box
Check Box
Option Button
Multiple Forms
Sub Main
Do Events
Error Trapping
Review Questions
Chapter 6   Common Controls and Dialog Box
Common Dialog Box
Open Dialog Box
Printer Dialog Box
Font Dialog Box
Color Dialog Box
Common Controls
Image List Control
List View Control
Progress Bar Control
Tree View Control
Slider Control
Status Bar Control
Menu Editor
MDI Form
Testing and Debugging
Immediate Window
Debug Menu
Graphic Functions
Line Control
Shape Control
Drawing Methods
Review Questions
Chapter 7   COM, OLE, ActiveX
Mouse Activities
File Handling
File Handling Function
Sequential File
Random Access File
File System Controls
OLE Client Control
Adding OLE Object into VB
OLE Properties
OLE Drag & Drop
ActiveX Data Object
Creating Table in MS Access
Include ADO in Project
ADO Properties and Events
Data Bound Control
Data Reports
Data Environment
Data Report
Review Questions
Practice Exercises (With Solution)

Dr. S. Gokila is Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Applications at Mohamed Sathak College of Arts & Science, Chennai. She completed her Doctorate from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Master of Philosophy from Periyar University, Salem. She has teaching experience of over 11 years and has published and presented research papers in various National and International Level Conferences and Journals. Her subjects of interest are Object Oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Web Technology, Data Mining and Warehousing, Big Data, etc. She has also authored a textbook on Visual Basic Programming.

Dr. M Anita Indu, Assistant Professor and Head of the Department, Computer Applications, Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women, Chennai.

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