Company Law and Secretarial Practice
Company Law and Secretarial Practice
Subject(s): Commerce
ISBN 9789393161758
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  Pages 440





The Companies Act 2013 is an important legislation which governs the structure, management and conduct of the affairs of the companies. The Companies Act 2013 comprises of 470 Sections and 7 Schedules. The Companies Act provides greater accountability, enhanced disclosure practices and better board governance for companies. This book provides a simple, concise and student friendly exposition to the subject. It is designed to cover the syllabi B.Com., M.Com. and M.B.A degree courses of all universities.

Dr. S. Thothadri is Assistant Professor in Corporate Secretaryship. He holds a doctorate in Corporate Secretaryship. He has co-authored books on Business Law and Legal Aspect of Business and has published several articles on various topics like HR, E-Commerce and Information Technology in reputed journals. He has over 13 years of teaching experience and his areas of interest include Accounting, Finance, Law and Taxation.

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