Fundamentals of Insurance
Author(s): Dr. P. Periasamy
Subject(s): Commerce
ISBN 9789393161420
 Published Date
  Pages 320





This book comprehensively covers Insurance and its elements. Designed as per the syllabus for various Indian Universities, the book provides an elaborate treatment to the conceptual framework of Insurance.

Title Page
Copyright Page
Contents at a Glance
Chapter 1. Nature of Insurance Business
Meaning and Definition of Insurance
Main Features of an Insurance Contract
Characteristics of Insurance Contract
Functions of Insurance
Importance of Insurance
Benefits of Insurance
Kinds of Insurance Organizations
Role of Insurance in the Development of Commerce and Industry
Scope of Insurance Business
Review Questions
Chapter 2. Re-Insurance and Double Insurance Business
Characteristics of Re-insurance
Types of Re-insurance
Double Insurance
Over Insurance
External Insurance and Internal Insurance
Review Questions
Chapter 3. Classification of Insurance
Broad Categories of Insurance
Classification on the Basis of Practical Point of View
Types of Insurance
Review Questions
Chapter 4. Principles and Documents of Insurance Contract
Essential Elements of a Contract of Insurance
Insurance Documents
Review Questions
Chapter 5. Introduction to Life Insurance Business
Life Insurance
Essential Features of Life Insurance
Procedure for Effecting Life Insurance
Review Questions
Chapter 6. Classification of Life Insurance Policies
Life Insurance Policies
Classification of Policies
Shopkeepers Insurance Policy
Review Questions
Chapter 7. Assignment and Nomination of Life Policies
Nomination of Life Policy
Review Questions
Chapter 8. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)
Life Insurance Administration
Role of LIC in National Economy
Investment of Funds
Progress of Life Business of LIC
Review Questions
Chapter 9. Marketing of Life Insurance Business
Concept of Insurance Market
Characteristics of Life Insurance Services
Life Insurance Marketing Mix
4 C’s of LIC Marketing
Customer Relationship Marketing in Insurance (CRM)
Scope of Life Insurance Marketing
Review Questions
Chapter 10. LIC and Financial Services
Advances against Life Insurance Policies
LIC Housing Finance Limited
LIC Mutual Funds
Types of LIC Mutual Funds
Factors which Determine the Mutual Funds
Information Technology In LIC
Review Questions
Chapter 11. Role of Development Officer
Importance of Development Officer
Duties of Development Officer
Qualities of a Successful Development Officer
Review Questions
Chapter 12. Role of Insurance in Termediaries
Insurance Brokers
Corporate Insurance Agents
Essential Qualities Required for a Successful Agent
Review Questions
Chapter 13. Bancassurance
Meaning of Bancassurance
Origin of Bancassurance
Types of Bancassurance
Benefits of Bancassurance
Distribution Channels of Bancassurance
Guidelines for Bancassurance
Challenges for Bancassurance
Review Questions
Chapter 14. General Insurance Business and Role of GIC of India
General Insurance in India
General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Act 1972
General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC)
The Changing Scenario of General Insurance Business
Review Questions
Chapter 15. Nature of Marine Insurance Contract
Contents of Marine Policy
Essential Elements of Marine Insurance
Double Insurance in Marine Insurance
Re-insurance in Marine Insurance Scheme
Mutual Insurance in Marine Insurance
Procedure for Taking Out a Marine Policy
Review Questions
Chapter 16. Marine Insurance Policies and Important Clauses
Marine Policy
Kinds of Marine Policies
Important Clauses in Marine Policy
Review Questions
Chapter 17. Marine Losses and Abandonment
Kinds of Marine Losses
Total loss
Partial Loss
Rights of Insurer on Payments
Review Questions
Chapter 18. Nature of Fire Insurance Contract
Subject Matter of Fire Insurance
Features of Fire Insurance
Fundamental Principles of Fire Insurance
Fire Policy
Procedure for Taking Fire Insurance Policy
Review Questions
Chapter 19. Types of Fire Insurance Policies
Common Policies in Fire Insurance
Double Insurance in Fire Insurance
Re-insurance in Fire Insurance
Assignment of Fire Policy
Payment of Claims
Average Clause in Fire Policy
Rights of the Insurer
Chapter 20. Fire Insurance Claims
Procedure for Fire Insurance Claim
Types of Losses due to Fire
Review Questions
Chapter 21. Motor Vehicle, Personal Accident, Pedal Cycle and Plate Glass Insurance
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Pedal Cycle Insurance
Plate Glass Insurance
Chapter 22. Health Insurance and Student Safety InsurAnce
Health Insurance
Types of Health Insurance Policies
Student Safety Insurance
Review Questions
Chapter 23. Agricultural Insurance Schemes
Crop Insurance
Agricultural Insurance Company
Agricultural Pumpset Insurance
Horticulture / Plantation (Input) Insurance
Hut Insurance
Rainfall Insurance
Review Questions
Chapter 24. Cattle Insurance, Livestock Insurance, Poultry Insurance, Sheep and Goat Insurance
Cattle Insurance Policy
Livestock Insurance
Poultry Insurance
Sheep and Goat Insurance
Review Questions
Chapter 25. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance an Property Insurance
Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
Property Insurance
Review Questions
Chapter 26. Legal Framework of Insurance
Indian Insurance Act, 1938
Life Insurance Corporation Act 1956
Essential Features
General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Act, 1972
Consumer Protection Act, 1986
The Insurance Ombudsman
Marine Insurance Act, 1963
Review Questions
Chapter 27. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA)
Insurance Regulations
Excerpts from Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Appointed Actuary) Regulations, 2000
Excerpts From Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Actuarial Report and Abstract) Regulations, 2000
Excerpts from Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Assets, Liabilities and Solvency Margin of Insurers) Regulations, 2000
Valuation of Liabilities – Life Insurance
Review Questions
Chapter 28. Role of Actuary in Insurance Business
Definition of an Actuary
Appointment of an Actuary
Functions of an Actuary
Duties of an Actuary in Life Insurance Business
Functions of an Actuary in General Insurance Business
Scope of an Actuary
Review Questions
Chapter 29. Major Players in Indian Insurance Industry
Life Insurers
Non–Life Insurers
Review Questions
Chapter 30. Risk Management: Conceptual Overview
Causes of Risks
Dangers of Uncontrolled Risks
Characteristics of Insurable Risks
Classification of Risk
Review Questions
Associate Professor Department of Business Management Erode Arts and Science College (Autonomous) Erode
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