Indian Economy
Indian Economy
ISBN 9789393161291
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This comprehensive text on Indian Economy is designed to address the syllabi requirements of all major universities. Written in a lucid language and style, the book is reader-friendly and of tremendous importance to students, academicians and researchers alike.


 Up-to-date coverage of Five Year Plans

 Detailed coverage of Agriculture in India, Crop pattern and Land Reforms.

 Fundamental topics including unemployment, national income, Poverty, Population and so on.

 Extensive coverage of Industrial Policy, Industrial Development, Large and Small Scale Industries.

 Includes Green Revolution, Land Reforms, Transportation and Foreign Trade.

 Coverage of IT industry, Industrial finance and policy, International Financial Institutions.

 Covers New Economic Reforms since 1991 including globalization, liberalization, privatization and disinvestment.

 Pedagogical features include

 End-of-chapter Review Questions

 Appropriate tables, figures and diagrammatic representation

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