Financial Institutions and Markets: Q&A with Dr. S. Gurusamy

Dr. S. Gurusamy is a former Professor and Head, the Department of Commerce, School of Commerce and Management, Shiv Nadar University, Chennai. Earlier, he was Professor and Head, Department of Commerce, Madras University. He holds a doctorate in Financial Services. He specializes in the areas of financial management, financial institutions/markets/services, banking and insurance. He has more than 35 years of teaching and research experience.

How long have you been writing books?

I have been writing books since 2000. It has always been my pleasure to write textbooks. It occurred to me that I should write books in a way that is easy for the students to study. I don’t write a book just because it is needed in the market. 

What kind of planning did you have to do before beginning to write this book?

I, indeed, do a lot of planning before I start writing a book. Since textbooks are expected to cater to the student community in terms of syllabus coverage, etc., it is important that meticulous planning is done. For example, I do prepare a rough sketch of the topics that need to be covered with exhaustive detailing so that nothing goes uncovered while writing a book.

What made you write this book? / Why did you choose to write on this topic?

The sheer joy of writing makes me write books. Furthermore, the deep interest which I developed over a period in the subject matter is an important reason for authoring a book. For instance, subjects like banking, financial markets, OR, SAPM are dear to me and are close to my heart and this acted as a major motivation to write a book. While writing a book, I simply ignore the commercial part of writing a book. 

Which courses would this book be suitable for?

All my books are suitable for UG and PG degree programs. Universities and colleges across India purchase my books both for direct students’ use and for their libraries. In fact, I make it a point to revise my books as per the changed requirements of the program. 

How is this book different from other similar books available on this topic?

My books are different in many ways; in terms of syllabus coverage, style of writing, etc. Since all my books are written by me due to the sheer joy of writing without considering the commercial aspect of it, there is a natural distinction made between my books. 

Who will benefit most from this book?

The entire academic community, the students, the teachers and others will immensely benefit from my books. 

Are you planning to write another book on a related topic?

As has been pointed out already, it’s my policy to refrain from writing many books on a related topic. 

What was your experience of writing this book and seeing your work published?

It has been a joy and pleasure to share my knowledge and experience of the subject matter with and for the benefit of the student community, and this remains an important consideration for me to write books; I simply love writing a book for the student community. 

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