Entrepreneurial Development, Essentials of Marketing, Essentials of Auditing, Principles of Management, Essentials of Business Communication: Q&A with Dr. K. Sundar

Entrepreneurial Development, Essentials of Marketing, Essentials of Auditing, Principles of Management, Essentials of Business Communication: Q&A with Dr K. Sundar 

Dr K. Sundar is a Professor at the Department of Commerce, Annamalai University. He has over 25 years of UG and PG teaching experience. A prolific author, he has contributed over 100 articles in national and international journals. He has authored books on Business Communication, Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, Organisation Behaviour, Business Ethics, Business Management and Auditing.

How long have you been writing books?

I have been writing books for the past 17 years.

What kind of planning did you have to do before beginning to write this book?

Before beginning to write a book, I do the following planning:

  • An exhaustive preparation of course content in the light of syllabi of a given course across universities in India.
  • Acquisition of books authored by local, national and international publishers.
  • Thorough comprehension of the concept after reading several books and finally presenting the concept in my distinct style of what I understood.

What made you write this book? / Why did you choose to write on this topic?

There are multiple reasons for writing this book. Some of them are: deep knowledge in the fundamental subjects having taught these subjects several years across various locations in India as a core resource person in our personal contact programs of Distance Education as well as handling classes for several years in on-campus classes; having set question papers for many universities and colleges in Tamil Nadu and acted as a board of studies member in many universities and autonomous colleges; having evaluated answer scripts.

Which courses would this book be suitable for?

The books authored are mainly intended for BCom, BBA and various specializations of BCom and BBA.

How is this book different from other similar books available on this topic?

Books authored by me are distinct in respect of the presentation of concepts in a lucid style so that commerce illiterates can comprehend the fundamentals of business courses, in terms of charts, pictures, diagrams, glossary, MCQs, review questions, etc.

Teachers handling the course, students, question paper setters, evaluators, research scholars preparing for course works, graduates preparing for competitive examinations and casual readers who read to add to general commerce knowledge.

Are you planning to write another book on a related topic?

I have no idea about writing books as I am physically tired and intend to pursue a different passion after my superannuation.

 What was your experience of writing this book and seeing your work published?

 A sense of fulfillment from documenting my knowledge of the course or subject and satisfaction from sharing my knowledge with the academic community.  A feeling akin to a mother having delivered a baby after undergoing labour pain and the feeling of a flower emitting a sweet scent to the wearer and others.

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